Frequently Asked Questions


So what is Pramp?
Pramp is an online practice platform, where software engineers come to prepare for job interviews. They do so by interviewing one another.
How does it work?
Users are paired into mock interviews based on availability, similar backgrounds and practicing needs. Interviews are 1-on-1 video sessions with a collaborative code editor. At the interview, each user acts as both interviewer and interviewee.
Is it really free?
Yup, it is.
You mean it’s a free trial?
It’s neither free trial nor freemium, just free.
Why are you called Pramp?
Pramp is the acronym of practice makes perfect.
Later on we noticed that urban dictionary defines it as: "a pro, champ or winner".
This obviously can't be a coincidence.
Who are you guys?
We’re two software engineers who experienced first hand the challenges of getting a good practice before important job interviews.
Why do I need to sign up?
Pramp personalizes every practice session to your needs.
For instance, you’ll never be asked the same question more than once no matter how many times you’ve practiced with us. Also, by having an account, you get access to feedback your peers gave you.
Besides, it only takes 2 minutes, try it and start practicing.

Interview Questions

For my part as an Interviewer, what question should I ask?
We take care of that as well.
Once you and your peer have confirmed your interview togheter, we email each of you a different question to ask as the interviewer. You also get full solutions and question-specific interviewing tips. This way, you don’t need to spend time on Googling and researching.
As an interviewee, do I always get a new question?
Of course. We make sure that the problem you solve as an interviewee is a one you've never seen on Pramp before.
Why am I getting the same questions to ask as the interviewer?
Interviewing your peer with a question you've seen before makes you a better interviewer - one that is more experienced, knows what to expect and able to give hints and feedback from a wider perspective.
Your part as the interviewer is devoted to your peer's interview, just as much as your peer's part as ones is devoted to yours.


What's going on in a Pramp interview?
On each interview, both you and your practice peer interview each other for 30 minutes.
Check out our Demo Interview to see what it's like.
What type of interviews do I get to practice?
Currently, technical interviews for software engineering roles. We plan to add more types of interviews soon enough.
How long is a practice interview?
An interview session is 60 minutes long.
It starts by one of you being randomly selected as the first Interviewer (and the other side as the Interviewee). After 30 minutes, you swap roles – the Interviewer becomes the Interviewee and vice versa.
How many interviews can I have?
As many as you want. We only ask you to be respectful to your interview peers and show up on time for practice interviews. In the end of a practice session, make sure to fill out your peer’s feedback form.
Can I only practice software engineering interviews?
Currently, yes. As software engineers ourselves, we wanted to start with what we knew best. However, we have every intention to support other types of interviews and expand soon into other domains such as management consulting, banking, business schools etc.
Are interviews anonymous?
It's totally up to you.
We don’t share any information about you whether it’s before, during or after a practice interview. During the interview you and your peer will be seeing each other via the embedded video chat, but you can disable that and use audio only.
We take your privacy seriously. Your name, email and any other identifying detail are kept private and will never be shared with anyone without your consent.
My interview is about to start, how do I join?
A join link will become available on your dashboard 5 minutes before the interview begins. We also email a direct join link at this time
Why do you have a video chat?
We designed Pramp to give you the best interviewing practice possible.
In a real world interview scenario, you are likely to meet your interviewer face to face. Video chat is our way to make a practice session feel as real as possible.
My video doesn't work, what should I do?
We are using peer-2-peer video connection, so the issue is most likely something with your computer or your internet connection. Please use the code-editor window to chat with your peer and try to help each other to set things right. Don't worry, 95% of these cases are easy to fix.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to solve most cases:
  • Refresh the page (but don't click on "End Interview")
  • Try both Firefox and Chrome, and make sure that your media settings enable video sharing
  • Another app or browser tab that used tha camera before may still be using it, so close all other apps and tabs
  • Is there more than one camera driver installed? Are your OS and browser using the right one? (make sure to restart after your you switch drivers)
  • To make sure that your network connection doesn't block your video stream, run these connectivity checks
  • If your bandwidth is low try to use wired connection instead of WiFi. You can also use Firefox and avoid video sharing to better use your bandwidth for audio

None of these help? email us at [email protected] so we can help you right away!
What internet browsers do you support?
We support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera on our interviews.
We don't support Safari and Internet Explorer. If your browser is not supported, please switch to a supported one before your interview.
Can I interview from my phone or tablet?
You can technically interview from Chrome and Firefox on Android but the screen size may be too small for a convenient interview. iOS devices are not supported. We recommend using a desktop/laptop computer to get an optimal experience.

Pairing & Scheduling

Can I choose whom I get to be paired with?
Sorry, no. Pairing is completely algorithmic.
Why do I have to give 3 time-options for an interview?
We want to pair you with the best practicing peer out there and don’t want one’s availability to get in the way. The more time options you give, the better your match can get.
What if I asked for an interview but I can't make it?
We realize that sometimes users won’t be able to make it to interviews. In this case, as a courtesy to your peer, we ask you to log in to your account and either cancel or reschedule the interview. We’ll make sure to send a notification to your peer.
How do you match me to a practicing peer?
Our algorithm takes multiple factors into account when it pairs you with a practicing peer. Your availability, work experience, education, preferred programing languages, selected practicing topics, reputation score and other factors, are all crunched together to come up with the perfect match.
What does my reputation score mean?
It’s a score that only you see and that measures your dependability as a practicing peer. It’s one of the factors our algorithm takes into account in the matching process. The higher your score, the faster you’ll be matched with someone. To maintain a high score, make sure to show up to all of your interviews, and on time. If you can’t show up, please be courteous and cancel or reschedule your interview.